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City of Easton

Code Enforcement - FAQs

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expand When do I need a permit?

expand What do I do if a building seems unsafe and requires repairs and maintenance?

expand What if a neighboring yard is full of high weeds, along with weeds in gutters
and tree wells, or the street trees have dangerous or broken limbs?

expand What if there is a "nuisance house" on the street and it is the source of all
kinds of problems?

expand What if I live in an apartment that is infested with roaches?

expand What if my landlord doesn't provide smoke detectors in our building?

expand What should I do if garbage and debris is piling up on the lot or yard next door?

expand What should I do if a neighbor's home burglar alarm rings for hours?

expand Are we allowed to burns leaves and other debris in the backyard?

expand What should I do if I see garbage cans placed at the curb all the time?

expand What do I do about litter?

expand What about garbage that is overflowing and smells?

expand What about owners that don't clean up after dogs?

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