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City of Easton

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Bureau of Planning

The Easton Planning Bureau is located on the Third Floor of City Hall. The current staff consists of the following:

Tina Roseberry, Director of Planning

Carl Manges, Chief Planner

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The Easton Planning Bureau is charged with numerous exciting responsibilities in accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Municipalities Planning Code:

1. Prepare the comprehensive plan for the development of the City of Easton,
2. Make recommendations to the Easton Planning Commission and City Council concerning the adoption or amendment of the official map,
3. Prepare and present to the Easton Planning Commission and City Council a zoning ordinance, and make recommendations on proposed amendments,
4. Prepare, recommend and administer subdivision and land development and planned residential development regulations, 5. Prepare and present to City Council a building code and a housing code and make recommendations concerning proposed amendments thereto,
6. Prepare and present to the Easton Planning Commission and City Council environmental studies,
7. Submit to City Council a recommended capital improvements program,
8. Prepare and present, in conjunction with the Easton Suburban Water Authority to the Easton Planning Commission and City Council a water survey, consistent with the State Water Plan and any applicable water resources plan adopted by Delaware River Basin Commission,
9. Promote public interest in, and understanding of, the comprehensive plan and planning,
10. Make recommendations to governmental, civic and private agencies and individuals as to the effectiveness of land proposals, 11. Hold public hearings and meetings, and present testimony before any board on relevant planning and land issues,
12. Prepare and present to the governing body a study regarding the feasibility and practicability of using renewable energy sources in specific areas within the municipality,
13. Review the zoning ordinance, subdivision and land development ordinance, official map, provisions for planned residential development, and such other ordinances and regulations governing the development of land no less frequently than it reviews the comprehensive plan.

Significant coordination allows the Bureau of Planning and Development to accomplish much of the work outlined by state planning law. Specifically, the Bureau works hand-in-hand with the other programs in the Department of Planning and Codes, from Zoning to Property Maintenance, Health to the Historic District Commission, and Building Permitting and Inspections to Rental Housing Licensing. The Planning office, works closely with neighborhood groups and other City departments including: Public Works, Police, Fire and Economic and Community Development. Outside agency coordination and regional planning participation is essential to not only the processing of planning applications but, to cooperation and generations of efficiencies in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. The Department of Planning and Codes represents Easton on the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission and Lehigh Valley Transportation Study. Staff also, participates in a number of professional and allied professional bodies on behalf of the City including: Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee, Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation Sustainability Committee, Renew Lehigh Valley, Urban Land Institute, Lehigh Valley Satellite of the Pennsylvania Planning Association and Delaware Valley Green Building Council.

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