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City of Easton

Planning - FAQs

Some often asked questions concerning the city planning review process

As a property owner in the City of Easton, when must I receive approval from the Planning Commission?

  1. Whenever lot lines are being added, changed or omitted from a property.
  2. Whenever a property is proposed for the development of 2 or more residential or nonresidential buildings.
  3. Whenever a property is proposed for the development of a single nonresidential or mixed-use building, including the substantial rehabilitation of existing buildings.
  4. The division of allocation of land or space, whether initially or cumulatively, between or among two or more existing or prospective occupants by means of or for the purpose of streets, common areas, leaseholds, condominiums, building groups or other features.
  5. Whenever the proposed use for the property is considered a Special Exception Use by the Zoning Administrator.

How do I apply to the Planning Commission for approval of any of the above?
You will need to submit both a subdivision/land development application form and requisite number of plans to the Bureau of Planning and Development located on the Third Floor, City Hall, 123 South Third Street, Easton, PA. Click to download Subdivision/Land Development Application.

How long does the Planning Commission review process take?
Depending on the complexity and size of the project under consideration, the application review process takes from 21 days to 90 days. Applications will be reviewed and placed on the next available Planning Commission agenda. In general, applicants are before the Planning Commission within 21 calendar days. The majority of applications are processed at one meeting however, land development plans may be required by the Planning Commission to submit a final, amended set of plans for approval.

What kind of plans are required for review by the Planning Commission?
Six sets of plans, drawn to scale and prepared by a Pennsylvania licensed design professional are required. The submitted plans will need to contain information as required in Chapter 520, Article IV, §:520-36 and §:520-37 of the current "City Subdivision & Land Development Code".

I still have questions about my specific project, where do I go for answers?
The Department of Planning and Codes is happy to help you! You can call the Planning Bureau at (610) 250-6721 or e-mail us at

Also, if you want to know what other permits or regulatory processes that you may need please call or e-mail us and we will be happy to either discuss with you and/or schedule a "One-Stop Shop" Technical Review Committee Meeting to assist you.

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